Payees are entities that can be paid. Payees can be created, but not deleted. However, Payees can be deactivated, which will hide them from the Payees list.

Each Payee has certain information associated with it that's needed for processing.

  1. Payee Name

    Each Payee must have a name, which will be printed on the outgoing checks. This will appear on the check in the "Pay to the Order of:" field.
  2. Remitter Name

    Each Payee must have a Remitter name. On the outgoing checks, this will be printed below the company logo, and will state who the money is coming from. This doesn't necessarily have to be your name. Payments can be from any person or company name.
  3. Account Number

    This is an optional field. While this field is called Account Number this is merely a suggestion. This field will appear on the Memo line of the outgoing checks, and may be any message that you would like to pass along to the Payee.
  4. Payee Phone

    This field is optional, and is only used in case of returned mail. If we send out a check, and it gets returned as "Not at this address" or similar, we will call this number to verify and/or resend the check.
  5. Payee Address

    Each Payee must have a physical mailing address.
  6. Payment Threshold

    This is the amount (in USD) that must be accumulated in for the Payee in our system before a check will be sent. Once this threshold has been reached, a check for this amount will be printed and sent to the the Payee Address.
  7. Bitcoin Address

    This field is generated automatically when a new Payee is created. Bitcoins sent to this address will accumulate to the Payee to which it it attached.

Creating a new Payee

To add a new Payee to your Payee list, click New Payee button. This will take you to a page that will allow you to fill out the information necessary to create a new Payee in our system. Once the fields are filled out, click Add This Payee. A new Bitcoin address will be created and assigned to this Payee, and this Payee will the appear in your Payee list.

Editing a Payee

To edit the information for a Payee (i.e. Address, Payment Threshold, etc.), click on the Payee List button, scroll to find the Payee if necessary, and click the Edit Payee button. This will take you to a form where you may edit the fields for a Payee. Please note that the Bitcoin address cannot be changed for a Payee.

Deactivating a Payee

To remove a Payee from your list of active Payees, click on the Payee List button, scroll to find the Payee if necessary, and click the Deactivate button. Deactivating a Payee will do two things:
  1. Hide the Payee from your list
  2. Prevent checks from being sent to the Payee

Accumulating Bitcoin for a Payee

There are two ways to accumulate Bitcoins for a Payee:
  1. Send Bitcoins to the address associated with the Payee. Bitcoins will show up after confirmation.
  2. If you click the Consolidate button for a Payee in the list, all Bitcoins from every other Payee will be transferred to the current one.

The Payee List

Clicking this button will show you detailed information about your current payee list.


In this section, you may change your password.


This section shows all transactions that have been made on your account. You will see deposits, transfers, and checks written.